2018 Wrap-Up Letter

Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2018 Lakeshore Volleyfest AAU Super Regional! This year we had 483 teams competing in 23 divisions on 80 courts throughout the Grand Rapids area. Over the two days we try to get as many teams as possible to play at DeVos Place where we have 38 courts under one roof, but unfortunately we just can’t get every team there.  

Congratulations to the winners of each division! Each of these teams will receive a free or reduced entry into the AAU National Championships being held in Orlando, Florida on June 17-28, 2018. This is the first year that AAU awarded a full free entry to the winner of every division rather than a prorated amount based on the number of teams in each division. Volleyfest is one of only a handful of tournaments that are able to do this due to the large number of teams participating. Also, the 2nd place team in the Open division will receive a check for $350 from Volleyfest unless the first place team had already won a free entry, in which case the free entry is passed on to the 2nd place team. 

Hopefully you have had the opportunity to watch some of the matches that were live streamed over the weekend. We now have the ability to Livestream matches on 4 courts. Over the two days we were able to show 85 matches total. Not only has this been fun for players to go back and watch themselves after they get home but it also allows family and friends back home to watch the matches if they were not able to attend Volleyfest. This is one of a very few number of events that provides completely free access to the stream.  

Go to : https://livestream.com/isovb 

Be sure to check out the Volleyfest website, as there are links to many of our sponsors as well as information that is helpful for any athlete that is potentially looking to play in college. In addition to our partnership with Captain U we have also started using University Athlete this year. Both of these are very helpful in the recruiting process.   

Volleyfest website: http://insideoutvolleyball.org/lakeshorevolleyfest/ 

Thank you to all of the teams that were able to book their rooms through PSE Event Housing as this was the first year that they were handling the bookings for Volleyfest. Using PSE is going to enable us to get even more rooms under contract for next year which helps to control availability but also pricing. The hotel occupancy rate for Volleyfest and Grand Rapids in general is very high which makes it difficult to get lower pricing on hotels but by increasing our room block size it does help to control prices 

The dates for Volleyfest for 2019 will be April 27 & 28 with registration opening up in AES in early October. We appreciate everyone’s support over the years and hope that you will choose to make Volleyfest a part of your team’s schedule for 2019. If any club directors or coaches have suggestions on how to make this an even better event please pass those thoughts on to us. 

Thanks to everyone that participated, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year. 

Rick Rykse – Tournament Director 

Adam Rykse – Co-Tournament Director