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AAU Registration

How to obtain your AAU membership card for Inside Out Juniors:

AAU Registration
1. Go to

2. Click on “Join AAU”

3. Click on the “Create Account” button if you are not a member yet. If you are already a member log in and skip to step 5

4. Create a username and password and click “Register”

5. If you were a member last year you may click on “Renew Membership”, all others must click on “New Membership”

***If you are renewing your membership, be sure that Inside Out is listed as your club***

6. Choose an option under the “Youth Athlete Membership”

7. Choose  “Volleyball” and select “regular membership” – not “extended benefits”.

8. Select “Yes”, you are a member of a club.

9. Complete all required information – 

    Club Code is  WWE3BT.  You may either enter the code or choose Inside Out Volleyball from the drop down menu.

10. Click on “Continue”

11. Click on “Checkout”

12. Click on “Click here to Checkout” (you are not required to purchase a t-shirt)

13. When checking out make sure to enter a valid email address so you will receive a copy of your proof of registration.

14. Bring a copy of your AAU card and birth certificate to practice and give to someone at the front desk. We can make a copy of your birth certificate for you.