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Dunes March Madness

Hello Dunes March Madness teams,

First, we would like to thank you all for participating in 2017 Dunes March Madness! We are very excited for another great tournament!

There are just a few quick reminders/important details to make sure everyone knows about.


1.    You will need to either email or bring a physical copy of your official AAU/AES roster. Team check-in will be Friday 5-7:30pm at the Dunes Operation Center (DOC) or Saturday before you play at your playing site.

  • to print this roster, go to
  • login with your club username and password
  • click on the team whose roster you need to print
  • click on “Print Your Team Roster” on the right hand side to get roster PDF

2.    Teams are expected to bring their own volleyballs for warm ups. Volleyballs will be provided ONLY at the DOC and Michigan City High School.

3.    We will have an athletic trainer on site ONLY at the DOC. The athletic trainer will be at the facility from approximately 7:30am-8:00pm on Saturday, and 7:30am-4:00pm Sunday.

4.    Food, electronics, etc. will not be allowed at scorer’s table. A penalty will be assessed if need be.

5.    There is no cap on any matches.

6.    Warm-ups will be 5-4-4 for all matches when it is a team’s first match of the day. Every match after that will be 2-4-4.

7.   Tiebreakers

  • Two-way Tie
    • Result of head-to-head pool match will determine the winner in ALL CASES. There will be no playoff regardless of whether it effects GOLD.       Three-way Tie
  • There will be a one set playoff to 15 points, only if it affects the teams’ advancement to GOLD.
    • If it does not affect advancement to GOLD, the results will be determined in the following order:
      • 1.    Game percentage
      • 2.    (if still tied) Pool Point Differential
      • 3.    (if still tied) Coin Flip
      • Penalty for missed tiebreaker sets

Teams must be present at courtside for tie breaker sets, it is the responsibility of a team’s coach to know if there is a potential tie in pool play. Tiebreaker sets will not be delayed to locate a team or any of its members. Not being at courtside will result in a forfeit of the tiebreaker set.



  1. Admission for the tournament is $5 adults, $2 students and Senior Citizens, 10 & under Free
  2. There are NO coolers, team tables, or outside food allowed in the Dunes facility. Sandwiches and small snacks that fit in players’ bags are allowed; remember, this is a volleyball tournament not a potluck. We do have a concession stand at the DOC with plenty of options.
  3. We do have bleachers on every court at the DOC except the Maroon & Blue Courts. Chairs are allowed, but there may not be a lot of room for it.



1.    There is NO parking on Oak Knoll Road. There is plenty of parking behind the facility if need be. There is also an entrance in the back of the facility if you park there.

2.    Doors will open at 7:00am.

3.    All facilities are in CENTRAL Standard Time.

4.  Dunes Operation Center courts are numbered by court color. The courts listed as DOC 8, 9, & 10 are located at the back of the facility

5.    Tournament t-shirts will be on sale for $15

6.  We will be Livestreaming some of the matches on the Gold and Black courts at Dunes.

7.   Link to tournament schedule: