2018 Middle School League



Week 2 4:10 4:25 4:40 4:55 5:10 5:25 5:40 5:55 6:10
Court 1 5 vs 8 (4) 4 vs 1 (6) 4 vs 6 (9) 9 vs 6 (10) 3 vs 10 (1) 10 vs 1 (9) 8 vs 1 (3) 5 vs 3 (8) 2 vs 9 (1)
Court 2 10 vs 7 (2) 5 vs 7 (8) 3 vs 8 (1) 5 vs 1 (8) 2 vs 8 (7)  2 vs 7 (4) 10 vs 4 (6) 6 vs 2 (10) 4 vs 3 (7)
Court 3 3 vs 9 (10) 2 vs 10 (3) 2 vs 5 (7) 4 vs 7 (2) 9 vs 5 (6) 6 vs 3 (5) 9 vs 7 (2) 7 vs 1 (9) 6 vs 8 (5)
*team in (  )  is the work team



Team 1  Botswana School
Bella Fogus Whitehall
Lianne Fagan Whitehall
Mia Swierbut Grand Haven
Lili Morin Whitehall
Katherine Penning Spring Lake
Grace Buchmiller Noth Muskegon
Eva Walsh North Muskegon
Lily Smith North Muskegon
Bella Picard North Muskegon
Kayla Kolberg Fruitport
Coach: Katie V. & Whitney
Team 2  Argentina School
Izzy Wuis Walker Charter
Addison Robison Walker Charter
Ava Dunn Mona Shores
Delaney Whalen Mona Shores
Carly Neumann Coopersville
Kara Constantine Spring Lake
Kiele Stephenson Spring Lake
Mallory Quaine Mona Shores
Alex Shockley Reeths-Puffer
Catherine Vandergriff Spring Lake
Coach: Shelby R. & Cam
Team 3  Spain School
Rylee Sabo Spring lake
Haley Seewald Oakridge
Maddie MacLachlan Mona Shores
Lily Erler Coopersville
Claire Gowell Shelby
Emily Wahr Fruitport
Mae Mabrito Ravenna
Lucy Tucker Whitehall
Mya Postema
Coach: Amber J.
Team 4  Australia School
Gracelynn Olsen Furitport
Kayla Mulder Homeschool
Shelbie Schoenborn Coopersville
Allison McManus Reeths Puffer
Page Knollinger Spring lake
Laini Furton Spring lake
Paige McFarren Whitehall
Anna McLean Spring Lake
Sarah Weber Spring lake
Kaden Perkins Kent City
Coach: Megan C.
Team 5   Djibouti School
Navea Gauthier Shelby
Chloe Rose Mona Shores
Jenna Smolen Whitehall
Mackenzie Bigelow Coopersville
Jacklyn Wei Oakridge
Ava Weber Spring Lake
Abigail Sorenson Coopersville
Ava Baxter Spring Lake
Natalie Pannucci North Muskegon
Jessica Hemphill Mona Shores
Coach: Julie B.
Team 6   Brazil School
Sami Baker North Muskegon
Trinity Hazelton Coopersville
McKenzie Bazzett Reeths Puffer
Addyson Bernhardt Whitehall
Caydence King Whitehall
Grace Latsch Oakridge
Bree Becklin Ravenna
Emily Ferenz Mona Shores
Jayda Trigg Mona Shores
Coach: Maddie H.
Team 7  France School
Kaylee Balcom Coopersville
Isabelle Kunnen Coopersville
Kelly Tice Corder Fruitport
Reese Milliron Coopersville
Camryn Burggren Fruitport
Natalie Cook Coopersville
Tressa Oldenburg Walker Charter
Brooklyn Beeler Spring Lake
Rilynne Locke Mona Shores
Katriana Kramer Mona Shores
Coach: Lex I.
Team 8  Jamaica School
Hunter Near Coopersville
Emily May Coopersville
Emme St Arnauld Spring Lake
Kamryn Burbridge Grand Haven
Kassie Bisard Shelby
Aubrey Taylor Coopersville
Brianna Bacon Coopersville
Emily Fett Spring Lake
Lilly Butts Coopersville
Sylvie Rossman Coopersville
Coach: Hailey G.
Team 9  USA School
Ava Hubers Coopersville
Morgan Weirich Shelby
Morgan Crawford Montague
 Chase Baker Whitehall
Anela Hyrns Whitehall
Tessa Holm Whitehall
Ellie Bukrey Coopersville
Lucy Fricke North Muskegon
Marissa Strandberg Whitehall
Aubrey Klotz Shelby
Coach: Jaren S.
Team 10  Panama School
Avery Britt Spring Lake
Lola Buckner Whitehall
Izabella Yeakey Coopersville
Amelia Luft Oakridge
Ahria Doornbos Oakridge
Morgan Bisson Oakridge
Samantha Redeker Spring Lake
Ava Steketee North Muskegon
Riley McEvoy North Muskegon
Ryleigh Bellamy Spring Lake
Coach: Kennedi B.
Team 11  Turkey/Norton Shores MS School
Mona Shores
Mona Shores
Mona Shores
Mona Shores
Mona Shores
Mona Shores
Mona Shores
Mona Shores
Mona Shores
Mona Shores
Coach: Kathy Hellman


Fall 2018 Middle School League

Click here for a printable registration form!

What is it?

The ISO Fall Middle School League is a 4 week inhouse league for 7th – 8th graders that has 7 play dates with instruction from ISO coaches and college players. All games take place at ISO Volleyball. This is intended as an introduction to club volleyball as the teams are made up of girls from many different schools. Each team is assigned 1-2 college players as their coaches.

We have used the Olympic theme for this where each team picks a country for their team name and then we get team shirts for each team in a color that represents that country.

The first Sunday we run everyone through a series of drills and then we select the teams. Our goal is to make even teams in order to have a competitive league. Teams will typically consist of 8-9 players each.

There will be some individual skill training but the majority of the instruction is team oriented. Individual skill training took place during our Fall Instructional Program that ends just prior to the Inhouse League.

We will allow 2 players to placed together on a team but we will not form teams based on 4-6 girls that all want to be on the same team. We really want the girls to get used to playing with new people as that is what club volleyball is all about.


If you want to sign up you may either fill out this form and mail it to Inside Out or a better way is to go to the ISO website and you can register and pay online.

Sign up online here!



Inside Out Volleyball

3367 Hoyt Street

Muskegon, MI  49444



  • Middle School League (Grades 7-8):









Sunday &



Sun. 4:00-6:00 pm

Wed. 6:00-8:00 pm







$110 for league includes   t-shirt

****Instead of playing on Halloween, we will be moving those games up one night to Tuesday, October 30th in order to allow families to go Trick-Or-Treating.*****